Wendy Jant show you how to select the perfect pair of women shoes from online stores


Wendy Jant show you how to select the perfect pair of women shoes from online stores

Shopping for shoes online is convenient. Online shoe shops can make your shopping easier as they focus on providing you with the most stylish styles and spectacular designs. Online shoe shops have accessories in different shapes, sizes, colours and trends and designs. You can buy shoes from these shops for weddings, parties, jogging, hiking or even plain old shoes. But on the other hand, buying shoes online is not easy for many women because you are not allowed to touch the shoes and try them on, so you don’t know the pair’s quality and whether they fit your feet. So how to select the perfect pair of women shoes from online stores ?

Don’t worry. Let Wendy Janet help you. Wendy Janet, a former Italian shoe designer, set up her online shoe shop. She has also launched a Youtube channel to teach people how to buy shoes. I interviewed Wendy Janet, who gave us some advice on selecting the perfect pair of women’s shoes from online stores.


How to select the perfect pair of women shoes from online stores?

I think these are some good tips every woman should remember when buying shoes from these online shops:

1. Give proper consideration to the shape of your feet. You won’t find the right shoes unless you measure your feet and toes before choosing the best fit for you. Also, remember that if you’re buying sneakers, you’ll want to choose 1-2 sizes larger than you would in heels.


2. Know the product details. You need to read the product material’s description on the website carefully. Sometimes, shoes that look the same are made of different materials.


3. Before you choose any particular online shop to buy shoes from, you must check out other buyers’ reviews. These reviews will tell you how good the quality of shoes from a particular shop is. If you buy a pair of women’s boots from Amazon, do you only read 5-star reviews from buyers? Don’t do that. It’s wrong. Because many 5-star reviews are fake, you need to click on the 1-3 star bad reviews. You will find out if there is anything wrong with the shoes.


4. Know the after-sales service. You should pay attention to the return policy. If you buy the shoes and try them on, can you return them and get a refund if they don’t fit?


5. If you wear shoes designed by a particular designer, you should only look for that brand. Prepare a list of all the brands, manufacturers and designers whose shoes will suit you best. Constantly check their new stock and inventory in online shops. This will help you to buy the best shoes possible.


6. Try to buy shoes of the same design and shape as the ones you already own. This will give you a better idea of what will fit your feet and what won’t.


7. Instead of buying cheap shoes that will end up hurting your feet, you must try to choose quality shoes that are comfortable and stylish. Well-known designers design quality shoes and they all have great styles and shapes.


8. One great thing you can do is to try on the shoes in an actual shoe shop and then conveniently buy them from an online shop at a discounted price.


9. You must only buy shoes that you can afford. Going beyond your budget to buy something you can’t afford is a bad deal for you.


10. You can compare the prices of shoes online. You can right-click on an image of a shoe in an online shop and select Google lens to search for the same image online. On Amazon, you see a woman’s high heels for $100, but on eBay, the same product sells for $50. Using this method, you can find the best price on shoes.


Do you know how to select the perfect pair of women shoes from online stores now ?I am sure these excellent tips and tricks will make your online shoe shopping a very enjoyable experience.


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