Guide to Children’s Shoes


Guide to Children’s Shoes

How to choose the right kids shoes for your child? With many factors, shopping for children’s shoes can overwhelm many parents. So for this question, we interviewed Mr. Frank. Mr. Frank is an experienced children’s shoe designer and has been designing children’s shoes for over 10 years. I think it is good guide to children’s shoes.

Guide to Children's Shoes


The good guide to children’s shoes by Frank:


Eric: Sometimes I buy shoes for my kids at an online store, like Amazon.For children, what material do you choose for shoes? For example, what material should be used for the upper and sole?

Frank: It is best to choose shoes made of natural materials. They are constructed from genuine leather, making them durable, soft, and comfortable. Leather is a soothing natural substance that adjusts and adapts to the foot’s shape as time passes.

This allows the foot to grow naturally. Selecting the proper footwear that creates an optimum internal temperature for feet that permits the skin’s air to circulate.

Eric: How about the sloes?
Frank: The soles are designed to mimic natural foot movements. This is why our soles are constructed from natural rubber, which is challenging, soft, and flexible.


Eric: Besides the material of the shoe, what else is very important?

Frank: A great fit is very important. The fit is vital for a secure fit and mobility, particularly for infants and children, and appropriate kid shoes. Our closures, soles, shaft height, materials, and linings ensure a snug fit that stops the foot from sliding around within the shoe.

An excellent pair of shoes are comfortable to wear for a long time of enjoyment and play.

Eric: If we want the shoes to fit, we first have to measure the size of the child’s feet?

Frank: Yes, you are right.

Eric: So, how do we accurately measure the size of a child’s foot?

Frank: Please find out the length of the child’s foot when standing up regarding kids’ shoes. Be sure to take measurements of both feet since the child’s feet may differ in size. Begin by putting the child on the wall, with the weight distributed evenly over both feet. Set their heel against the wall and place a book on the floor so that it’s touching the longest toe. Measure each foot centimeters from the heel against the wall to the longest toe against the book.


Eric: Kids love to run around, and their shoes get dirty and torn easily. How to care for shoes?

Frank: If you take care of the shoes, making the leather shoes last for a long time is possible. The shoes should be regularly cared for to ensure the softness and attractive appearance of the material. It is essential to penetrate the shoes from the very beginning and regularly.

This helps keep dirt out and ensures the outer surfaces of the shoe are not damaged by the elements more than required.

It is possible to maintain the leather footwear using beeswax spray. It’s simple to apply in the appropriate amounts and can help keep the suppleness of the leather. Shoe polish will also aid in keeping the color of the shoes from discoloring.

Eric: I find suede shoes difficult to care for. What should we do?

Frank: A liquid shoe polish would help brighten the color if the shoes were made of suede. For shoes made from suede, we suggest using a suede-colored brush to sweep the hairs around and again. The measures can also impact waterproofing the shoes, which keeps feet dry.


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