Boot designer Franco Carac shows you how to choose the colour of women’s boots


Boot designer Franco Carac shows you how to choose the colour of women’s boots

Winter is here. For women, winter boots are not only a requirement but also have to be stylish. However, for many people, boots come in so many styles and colours that there are too many to choose from in some cases. Your favourite boots come in six colours, and you know you will only wear two of them, but you buy all five anyway. It’s such a waste of money. So how to choose the colour of women’s boots ?


Don’t worry; we can ask Franco Carac, an Italian boot designer, about this question. He designs many women’s boots for many big brands, including Schutz, Larroude, Saint Laurent, KHAITE and many more. Here are some notes from my interview with him.



How to choose the colour of women’s boots?


Melia: Hello, Mr Franco Carac. Christmas is coming, and I want to buy a pair of boots on Amazon, so I would like to ask you a few questions about how to choose the colour of women’s boots.

Franco Carac: With pleasure.

Melia: For many people, there are too many choices of boot colours. I’ve been looking for some tips myself on the internet, but I’ve found that not all of them are suitable for everyone. Is that the case?

Franco Carac: Yes, there are different colours for people of different heights.

Melia: I have long legs.

Franco Carac: For women with long legs, it is best to choose bright colours such as white, yellow, baby blue, lime green, or even orange and red. These colours will subtract length from the legs but bring a subtle colour scheme to any outfit.

If you’re wearing a green jumper with gold flakes and blue jeans, you can add a pair of lime green or yellow boots to your outfit to create a shorter look and make people notice the outfit rather than your height.


Melia: For short women, how should you choose winter boot colours?

Franco Carac: That’s a different story. For shorter women, darker colours will help create a more uniform look. If you’re wearing a black jumper with a grey skirt, pairing black women’s boots with this outfit will create a more uniform look. If the skirt is short, adding knee-high winter boots will add warmth and style to the outfit. However, if you are short and are wearing a long skirt, you should use ankle boots to add 3 inches of height and help elongate the legs.

Melia: So that’s it.

Franco Carac: Yes, you see a lot of film stars dressed like that.


Melia: So each person can only choose a few colours and can’t try other colours for women’s boots?

Franco Carac: No. Regarding women, boots and shoes are more of an accessory than a part of the wardrobe. Choosing an exact colour match isn’t crucial, but it can mean the difference between a uniform look and an awkward glance from someone as you walk by. In women’s boots, heels and other shoes, there are many shades of each colour to choose from. It’s not so important to have every colour, and it’s important to have a colour that matches your wardrobe.

When buying, women’s boots generally come in brown, black, grey and white or red. If you are looking for boots to go with a specific outfit, take a photo of the outfit lying on your bed and bring it with you. This way, you can match the colour and style, knowing you will get the right accessory. There’s nothing worse than having the perfect shoes and nothing to wear them with.


Melia: Winter is here. Do I buy shoes first, or do I choose to buy clothes?

Franco Carac: Boots are plentiful until winter arrives. Try on the boots you intend to buy to see if they fit and are comfortable. As there are more boots to choose from at this time of year, you will have more options when it comes to wider widths and available sizes. Find the right shoe for the woman, and as long as you are prepared, the boots will match any winter outfit.

Melia: I see. Franco, thank you for teaching me so much about women’s boots.

Franco Carac: You’re welcome. Next time we’ll talk about the rest of choosing women’s boots.



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