What are the most popular women’s sneakers in 2022?


What are the most popular women’s sneakers in 2022?

Do you know the most popular women’s sneakers in 2022? Let me tell you. Below I analyze and verify it step by step.


I collected some of the most searched keywords related to women’s shoes worldwide in the past year using the Google Keyword Tool. If we rank by sneaker color, we found the following colors to be the most searched for. Among them, white women’s sneakers have far more searches than any other color and are the most popular sneaker color for women.

Keyword Avg. monthly searches Year to Year change
white sneakers women 246000 22%
black sneakers women 74000 22%
red sneakers women 22200 0%
pink sneakers women 14800 22%
brown sneakers for women 12100 50%


Is this correct? We use Google Trends to verify the results. Google Trends shows how these keywords have trended over the past year. The more popular, the higher the index, with a maximum value of 100. The chart below shows that white women’s sneakers are the most popular.


So which styles of most popular women’s sneakers in 2022? We then used Google’s keyword tool and found that these styles of women’s sneakers rank high in search volume: slip-on sneakers, platform sneakers, and wedge sneakers. See the table below.

Keyword Avg. monthly searches Year to Year change
slip on sneakers for women 40500 49%
platform sneakers women 40500 82%
wedge sneakers for women 22200 0%

Let’s verify again with Google Trends. Please take a look at this chart.


You might ask: are they really the most popular women’s sneakers? how well are these sneakers on the market? Let’s go to Amazon.

We searched on Amazon and found that this product sells a lot there. Let’s look at customer reviews about why they love this shoe.


This slip-on women’s sneaker is selling well on Amazon, with over 7,000 reviews, so let’s look at why consumers like this kind of shoe.


Customer A: This is my second pair of these shoes. These are the only shoes I have found that relieves my pain with my plantar fasciitis. I worked in retail and was on my feet all day, plus walking around the store. These shoes were wonderful for that! They have a very cushioned sole that helps with shock absorption. The insoles inside provide some arch support, but not too much. I love that they are slip-on, so you don’t have to tie strings. The material is very comfortable and conforms to the foot when worn.

All in all, a comfortable shoe that is great for walking long distances or being on your feet all day. Well, if only they made the fabric waterproof.


Customer B: I love these new sneakers! They feel like comfortable slippers. They are nicely padded on the inside. They’re easy to slip on and off. That may sound odd because they are slip-on, but I’ve tried ones where the opening is so small that you can slip in, but it isn’t easy, and one even required a shoehorn. These don’t. They are easy to slip on but fit securely on foot. I have a wide foot and usually wear 7.6W or 8W. I tried these shoes in 7.6W, and they are perfect with a medium-weight sock.

I rarely wear socks, but if I did, they would be a little loose but still okay. I love that the sole is black. I can also wear them with pants; they don’t look as much like a sneaker as they would if the sole was white. Perfect for travel!


This platform for women’s sneakers has over 10,000 reviews. Here are two women buyers telling you why they chose this sneaker.


Customer A: They are platforms and flat platforms too. It adds about 2 inches to height. My foot is narrow with a small heel, and the shoe is very narrow. I have a flat foot, and I can confirm that the shoe itself is also flat, so it works well for me! For very arched people, this could be a problem. The design of the shoe is beautiful!

I can imagine wearing it with shorts, pants, dresses, long coats, etc. The color is white and also a very clean white. I would not wash these shoes as always because I am sure they will shrink from the type of fabric it has.

Customer B: These black platform sneakers are comfortable and fit true to size. This is definitely what I was looking for. The platform is just the right amount of height. Enough to give me the extra height I wanted without looking silly. (I’m 5’4″ for reference) These look perfect with my split hem flared leggings.

The sneakers feel great, the feet are supported, and the width is just right. They are well made, durable, and on-trend. I am very happy with this purchase.


Wedges sneakers are also very popular with the ladies. Here are what two ladies had to say about this shoe.


Customer A: I love wedges! These are extremely beautiful, high-quality shoes. I have a high arch, and my knees are better off in wedge shoes. I ordered the white pair (a little sparkly) and the black pair, and both are good quality but very lightweight and super comfortable. I was very surprised! My daughter loves them too and will probably get some for Christmas. They seem to fit true to size as well.

Customer B: I love these shoes! I have plantar fasciitis, and wearing wedges seems to be the only way to find shoes that feel good. Where I struggled to find them was in tennis shoes. I tried insoles, and sometimes they helped, but eventually, they were all too painful to keep wearing while I was trying to work out. These are perfect. I immediately felt my posture improve, and my overall willingness to work out increased.

They are super cute. Many were out of stock, so I ordered the white ones because I wanted to try something quick. I was worried they would look like nurses’ shoes but they are very cute. I will probably order a few more in different colors.

Now, I think you already know what the most popular women’s sneakers will be in 2022. After Seeing these results, if you’re a sneaker manufacturer, you already know what kind of women’s shoes you want to make, right? If you have a different opinion, please feel free to comment.







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