How to choose a good shoe factory and footwear manufacturer


How to choose a good shoe factory and footwear manufacturer

Many people will ask how to choose a good shoe factory  (good footwear manufacturer). I have interviewed Mr.Andy Abraham, and you may find the answer.

Mr. Abraham is a shoe company owner in Portugal and has been in this business for 30 years. The company’s annual turnover is more than 500,000 euros, and it has its brand but does not have its factory. Foreign factories make all their products. Of course, the shoes are designed by its own company. This way is also called OEM or private label.


Here is the interview with him.

A: Hi, Mr. Abraham. Why don’t you make your shoes but have them made by foreign factories?

B: I had a small factory 10 years ago, but the labor cost was high, and there were not enough workers, so I closed it down. Now all our products are made by foreign factories on our behalf. There are many factories abroad, and thanks to the low cost and full supply connections, I can make better shoes for myself and focus on the design of the shoes.


Where can I choose a good shoe factory?

A: Are you satisfied with your current overseas factory? How did you find them?

B: We have worked together for 10 years and are now good partners. It took us a long time to find the right factory. In general, I find cooperation factories in two ways. The first method is through the exhibition. I go to some shoe fairs.” There are many manufacturers from all over the world that I can have a face-to-face talk with them.

A: So what about the second method?

B: The second method is to search the Internet. I would google shoemakers or shoe factories. Most large companies have their websites. This way, you can judge if the company is strong. Also, I will pay special attention to “ABOUT US” on their website. When I browse “ABOUT US,” I clearly understand them.

Occasionally I meet some producers at the fair. I will visit their website via the website on their business card and carefully browse the “ABOUT US” page. I think it’s a trick.

A: You are really smart!

A: Which country’s factory produces your products?

B: 80% of my products are made in China.

A: No other place?

B: You can also find factories in India, Vietnam, Turkey, and other countries. However, in just one Chinese city, you can find hundreds of factories related to shoes, and they have a perfect supply chain. You can find any shoe raw materials and accessories. But in other countries, this is not possible. In addition, these Chinese factories have skilled workers, guarantee product quality, and the delivery time is faster in all cases.



Abraham Tell You How to choose a good shoe factory and footwear manufacturer


Is this a good Shoe Factory?

A: There are so many factories. What kind of factory is a good factory? How to identify a good shoe supplier?

B: First, I would look at the factory’s establishment and size. I usually choose a company that has been established over 10 years and has more than 100 employees. If possible, you or your purchasing manager can visit the factory to see their products and production facilities and meet face-to-face with the factory owner.

A: And then what?

B: I would ask them to provide some product certifications. Most importantly, I will have the factory make a sample. Through the samples, I can understand the quality of their products. Sampling is a mandatory step before every order.

A: Then there is the price negotiation.

B: No, I also consider communication. Good communication is very important. There must be honest, effective, and timely communication. I once had a factory that was a week late on a shipment but told me a week after it shipped. I was angry at the time because I was being kept in the dark, costing me a lot of money.

A: I get it. So next, you would discuss the factory price, delivery time, trade terms, shipping, and all that.

B: Yes, you’re right.


How to work with a good footwear manufacturer?

A: Is that all it takes to find a good factory?

B: That’s just the beginning. When you find a new factory, you must learn how to work with the factory. This will take at least six months and a year.

A: And what else do you have to do?

B: Get to know them, and if they do a good job, we will express our appreciation and praise. Also, we are not always right. We have to learn to listen to their good advice. That way, we can grow together.

In addition, please don’t be lazy. I always keep in communication with the factories and keep an eye on the order’s progress.

Don’t put the price too low, don’t think the lower the price, the better.

There are many more, but all these must go slowly to accumulate experience. I can’t tell you all of them today.

A: I’ve learned a lot. Thank you very much for the interview today. Mr. Abraham, Thank you for your time!

Are you also looking for a good shoe factory? After listening to what Mr. Andy Abraham said, do you agree? If you have a different opinion, please leave us a message.


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