How To Find Custom Sneaker Manufacturer In China? Fanyo Amoy Give You 6 Best Tips


How To Find Custom Sneaker Manufacturer In China? Fanyo Amoy Give You 6 Best Tips

Hello everyone. My name is Fanyo Amoy, and I’m French. I started my own sneaker company in 2007.

This year my footwear company’s turnover reached 1.68 million euros, but my company only has 12 employees. Why are there so few employees? Because I don’t have my own sneaker factory, I don’t have my own workers. Overseas factories make all my products.

This custom sneaker manufacturer offers OEM service to me, and I can spend more time on marketing.


Where do I manufacture my shoes?

Why aren’t shoes made in France? Because there are not many shoe factories in France. Another big problem is that the cost is high.

Is it a good idea to produce shoes in foreign factories? From my experience, this is a very feasible way.

Of course, you can also run into really bad factories. The shoes produced in their factory are not up to your quality standards. The delivery date was not on time. Communication and service are poor.

I have worked with factories in Italy, Vietnam, and India. In the end, I choose a shoe supplier in China. Now I am very satisfied with my Chinese factory.


Why choose a custom sneaker manufacturer in China?

There are several advantages that Chinese sneaker manufacturers may have:

1. Low labor costs:

Manufacturing costs in China are generally lower than in other countries, so a sneaker manufacturer in China may be able to offer competitive prices for their products.

2. Large pool of skilled labor:

China has a large and growing pool of skilled workers in various industries, including footwear manufacturing. This means that Chinese sneaker manufacturers may be able to produce products efficiently and with a high level of quality.

3. Strong supply chain:

China has a well-developed supply chain infrastructure, which means that Chinese sneaker manufacturers may be able to source materials and components more efficiently than manufacturers in other countries.

4. Access to the global market:

China is a major exporter of footwear, and Chinese sneaker manufacturers may have an advantage in terms of access to global markets.

5. Government support:

The Chinese government has policies to support the development of domestic industries, including the footwear industry, which may give Chinese sneaker manufacturers an advantage.

6. Advanced manufacturing technology:

Many Chinese sneaker manufacturers have invested in advanced manufacturing technology, such as computer-aided design (CAD) systems and automated production lines. This can lead to increased efficiency and accuracy in the production process.

7. Customization capabilities:

Some Chinese sneaker manufacturers offer customization options for their products, allowing customers to choose from various materials, colors, and styles. So it is easy to find a custom sneaker manufacturer in China.

8. Strong relationships with foreign brands:

Many Chinese sneaker manufacturers have strong relationships with foreign brands (such as Nike, Adidas) and can produce products under license or as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products.

9. Experienced in producing for different markets:

Chinese sneaker manufacturers have experience producing for a wide range of markets, including the domestic market in China and international markets. This can give them an advantage in understanding the needs and preferences of different customer groups.

10. Ability to quickly respond to market trends:

Chinese sport shoe manufacturers may be able to quickly respond to changing market trends and customer demand due to their strong supply chains and flexible production processes.



So how to find a good custom sneaker manufacturer in China? There are many ways. I can give you 6 tips:


1. Search online:
●Use search engines like Google or Baidu to find websites that list custom sneaker manufacturers in China. You can search with the keywords “Sneaker Factory in China,” “Sneaker Manufacturer in China,” “private label sneaker manufacturers.” or “wholesale sneaker suppliers
●Look for reviews or ratings of the manufacturers you are considering to get an idea of their reputation and quality of work. It is best to find a factory that has a history of more than 30 years and has cooperated with big brands.
●Contact the manufacturers directly through their websites or online marketplace to ask about their capabilities, pricing, and minimum order quantities.


2. Use social media to connect with other sneaker designers or companies:
●Join relevant social media groups or communities related to sneaker design or manufacturing.
●Connect with other designers or companies, and ask for recommendations for custom sneaker manufacturers in China.
●Be specific about your needs and requirements so that people can provide more relevant recommendations.
●You can also use social media to post about your needs and requirements and see if any manufacturers or agents reach out to you with proposals.

You can use the hashtag #sneakerfactoryinchina or #sneakermuafacturerinchina (no space between words) to search on Linkedin. You will find many Chinese sport shoes suppliers.



Sneakers factories can also be found on Instagram. You can use the hashtags #sneakerfactoryinchina or #sneakermuafacturerinchina (no spaces between words) to search on Instagram.



3. Attend trade shows, or events focused on sneaker design or manufacturing:
●Research trade shows or events relevant to the sneaker industry and are being held in China or other countries where you are considering manufacturing. Such as Canton Fair, Shanghai International Shoe Industry Expo, and China(Guangzhou) International Footwear Expo.
●Attend these events to meet sport shoe manufacturers and agents in person, and discuss your needs and requirements with them.
●Trade shows and events can be a good way to understand the market and see what different manufacturers offer.
●You can also use these events to network with other designers or companies and ask for recommendations or introductions to manufacturers.


4. Ask for recommendations:
●Reach out to people in your professional network who have experience working with sneaker manufacturers in China, and ask for their recommendations.
●You can also ask for recommendations on industry forums or online groups related to footwear manufacturing.
●When asking for recommendations, be specific about your needs and requirements so that people can recommend manufacturers that are a good fit for you.


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5. Contact trade associations:
●Research trade associations or organizations in China that represent the footwear industry.
●Contact them to ask for a list of custom sneaker manufacturers they recommend.
●You can also ask about the industry standards and regulations related to sneaker manufacturing in China.


6. Use a sourcing agent:
●Research sourcing agents that have experience working with custom sneaker manufacturer in China and that specialize in the footwear industry.
●Contact them to discuss your needs and requirements.
●They can help you find a custom sneaker manufacturer that meets your specific needs. They can also assist with communication, negotiation, and quality control during production.


Hope Fanyo Amoy ‘s tips can help you to find a good sneaker manufacturer in China.




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