How To Choose Women’s Soccer Cleats ? 6 Tips Emma Almate Tell You


How To Choose Women’s Soccer Cleats ? 6 Tips Emma Almate Tell You

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is coming soon. It will be the happiest time for football fans around the world. Soccer is one of the most popular sports worldwide among people of all ages and genders. If you play soccer, you probably understand the importance of wearing the right shoes while playing. However, figuring out which shoe is best for you is not easy. You can find a lot of articles online about how to pick a men’s soccer cleats. However, today we talk about how to choose women’s soccer cleats. This article might be able to help you.




On this topic, we interviewed Emma Almate. Emma Almate used to be a professional female soccer player in Germany. Now she is retired and works as a PE teacher in a middle school. At the same time, she is also a soccer KOL and has a profile on TIKTOK, her channel.


How to choose women’s soccer cleats ?

Below is a transcript of her interview. Hope her tips will help you.

1. Jane: I’m not a professional female soccer player and don’t need to play. So do I have to buy a pair of soccer shoes?

Emma: Not everyone needs to invest in football shoes. Sometimes you need a good pair of running shoes or sneakers. For example, if you don’t play games, you probably don’t need them. Also, if you’re playing on concrete, sneakers may work better. Of course, if you like to play in regular sneakers, it’s generally a good idea to invest in shock-absorbing shoes. These will protect your joints from being crushed and sore.


2.Jane: What size women’s soccer cleats should I choose? Are soccer shoes that need to be looser?

Emma: When trying shoes, ensure you get the right size for your feet. They should not feel too tight, nor should they be too loose. Make sure any shoes you buy also support your arches. This will provide maximum comfort for your feet, making running and kicking more enjoyable when kicking the ball. Also, look for insoles that provide just the right cushioning, neither too thin nor too thick. This way, you won’t feel the pressure of the studs, and you won’t be able to twist your feet easily.


3. Jane: I like shopping online. Can women’s football shoes be purchased online?

Emma: It’s best to buy shoes in a physical store. It would help if you tried to walk in the shoes before buying them. Don’t be embarrassed about walking around the store a few times to decide if this shoe is worth buying. Also, for those buying regular sneakers, you need shoes that are not soft on the toes. This will protect your feet when kicking the ball.


4. Jane: How do girls with wide feet choose women’s soccer cleats?
Emma: People with wide feet will have the hardest time finding shoes. You might want to try on men’s sneakers, which will fit better. Also, look for stores that advertise brands that make wide shoes.


5. Jane: What is the best style of women’s soccer shoes?

Emma: Soccer cleats come in many different designs, each with a different purpose. Some shoes are designed on firm surfaces, such as those with molded spikes. Others are designed for soft ground, such as those with replaceable spikes. Soccer cleats come in different ankle heights.

The low ankle height gives you maximum mobility, but its downside is no ankle protection. On the other hand, a medium ankle height has the advantage of protecting the ankle from sprains and injuries. But its downside is that it does limit your movement and agility. In short, you have to choose according to your needs.


6. Jane: What material should we choose for women’s soccer cleats?

Emma: Football shoes are made from various fabrics, such as calfskin and kangaroo leather. The softest and most expensive is kangaroo leather. The leather is soft and can be shaped to the player’s foot, making it very comfortable to wear.



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