How To Find A Private Label Shoe Manufacturer? Willa Remoy Tell You 9 Best Ways


How To Find A Private Label Shoe Manufacturer? Willa Remoy Tell You 9 Best Ways

Willa Remoy owns a successful small shoe company in Belgium that generates an impressive annual revenue of 700,000 euros. She is a determined, ambitious businesswoman who always puts her customers first. She is passionate about her business and has used her creativity and innovative ideas to create a successful brand.

Willa Remoy said that one of the reasons for her success is that she has found a reliable private label shoe manufacturer to produce her shoes. By outsourcing her production to a factory overseas, Willa can keep her costs low and maintain high control over the production process.


What is a private label shoe manufacturer?

Private label footwear manufacturers are companies that produce shoes for other brands. These companies generally specialize in designing and manufacturing shoes for specific companies rather than selling their brand of shoes. Private label shoe vendors usually produce shoes at a lower cost than the brand, allowing the brand to offer a more competitive price point.


The advantages of the private label shoe manufacturer

The main advantage of a private label shoe manufacturer is the ability to create a unique product with custom specifications that can be sold exclusively under your own brand name. This allows retailers to differentiate their products from competitors and create a unique, high-quality product that customers will recognize and appreciate. Private label manufacturers can also control pricing and production timelines, allowing for greater flexibility and cost savings. Additionally, private label manufacturers often offer a more personalized service, allowing for greater collaboration and customization options.


Where to find private label shoe manufacturers?

The best place to manufacture shoes depends on various factors, such as cost, quality, and production timeline. Some countries, such as Italy and Turkey, are also popular for shoe manufacturing.

However, countries such as China and Vietnam are considered the top choices for shoe manufacturing due to their lower production costs, high-quality standards, and efficient production timelines.

Adidas and Nike have chosen Chinese shoe factories to produce shoes for them due to the availability of cheap labour, well-developed infrastructure, and a large manufacturing base. Additionally, Chinese factories are often willing to produce custom designs and can deliver high-quality products promptly. Additionally, Chinese factories often provide cost savings and economies of scale, which helps keep costs low.

Ultimately, assessing the various options and choosing the best option for your particular needs is important.


How to find private label shoe manufacturers?

Willa shared with us a few ways to find a private label shoe factory:

1. Look for shoe suppliers on online platforms such as Alibaba and Global Sources.
When looking for private label footwear manufacturers on online platforms such as Alibaba and Global Sources, it is important to be specific about the shoes you are looking for and the type of materials you need. Additionally, you should consider the reviews and ratings of the suppliers, as well as their production capabilities, lead time, and price. You can also use the website search functions to narrow down the list of suppliers and find the ones that best meet your needs.

But Willa does not recommend finding suppliers on these two platforms because most of them are trading companies. But what you need is a shoe factory.

2. Look for footwear industry trade shows and exhibitions.
Looking for private label shoe factories at trade shows and exhibitions is a great way to find new suppliers, compare prices, and better understand the market. When attending a footwear industry trade show or exhibition, it is important to research the event beforehand and list the potential suppliers you are interested in. Once at the event, please take advantage of the networking opportunities, collect contact information from potential suppliers, and ask questions about their products and services. It is also important to be aware of the latest industry trends and technologies, as this could be beneficial when choosing a new supplier.

If you are looking for Chinese shoe vendors, Villa suggests that you can participate in Guangzhou Canton Fair or Shanghai International Footwear Exhibition.

3. Search for private label manufacturers through online search engines.
To search for private label manufacturers through online search engines, you should start by using keywords related to the type of product or service you are looking for, such as “shoe factory “,” shoe manufacturer “,” sandals factories”, “boots factory“and “sneaker factories”. You can also refine your search by including the location you want to find manufacturers. Additionally, you can use various Boolean operators in your search, such as “AND”, “OR”, and “NOT”, to narrow down your results. You may also want to include specific phrases for more specific results. Such as “shoe manufacturer in China”,” private label sneaker manufacturers”,” Chinese flip flop manufacturers”, and “women sneaker manufacturers”.

4. Reach out to a private label footwear manufacturer through social media platforms.
To reach out to white label shoe manufacturers through social media, you should create accounts on the most popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can use the platform’s search and hashtag features to find potential manufacturers and reach out to them directly.



5. Contact local shoe stores for recommendations for private label manufacturers.
To contact local shoe stores for recommendations for private label manufacturers, call or visit the store in person and speak with the manager. Ask the store manager if they can provide any recommendations for private label manufacturers based on their experience with them. You can also ask about any preferred vendors the store currently works with. Additionally, you can reach out to industry associations and networks in your area as well as online forums and communities, to find out if anyone has any recommendations for private label manufacturers. Finally, you can also use online search engines to find potential manufacturers.

6. Contact trade magazines for a list of private label shoe factories.
To contact trade magazines for a list of private label shoe suppliers, research which magazines specialize in the footwear industry and contact the editorial staff. You should explain your purpose for needing the information and provide a detailed description of the type of shoes you are looking for.

7. Ask other businesses in the industry for their recommendations.
To ask other industry businesses for recommendations for private label shoe manufacturers, you can connect with them through online platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter or join industry-focused forums and groups. You can also contact them directly via email, phone, or in person. Additionally, you can attend industry-related events and conferences, where you can find contacts and recommendations. You can also search for reviews and ratings of private label shoe suppliers online and ask for customer feedback or recommendations from previous customers.

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8. Use online directories such as the Footwear Manufacturers Association’s Supplier Directory.
Online directories such as the Footwear Manufacturers Association’s Supplier Directory provide a great way to find a private label shoe manufacturer. You can search for suppliers using these directories based on criteria such as country, product type, and material. You can also find suppliers’ reviews and ratings to help you make an informed decision. It is also important to contact the suppliers directly to ask any questions or to arrange a meeting, as this will help ensure that the supplier is a good fit for your needs. Finally, it is important to compare prices and delivery timelines before deciding.

9. Ask for referrals from friends and colleagues in the footwear industry.
Asking for referrals from friends and colleagues in the footwear industry is a great way to find white label shoe manufacturers. When reaching out, explain the purpose of the referral and what you are looking for in a manufacturer. Also, provide a detailed description of the type of shoes you are looking to have manufactured, including material, design, size, and colour. Additionally, provide a budget range and inquire about the manufacturer’s turnaround time. Finally, be sure to thank your contacts for their help and be willing to offer something in return for the referral.


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