How To Find A Good Athletic Shoe Factory? 5 Tips Luca Carep Tell You


How To Find A Good Athletic Shoe Factory? 5 Tips Luca Carep Tell You

Suppose you are the owner of a startup company and are worried about how to find an athletic shoe factory to produce your shoes. Don’t worry, and it’s pretty easy to find a good sneaker manufacturer. Luca Carep is the founder of an Italian shoe company. His company was established last year with only 10 employees and no factory. Overseas factories produce all his sneakers for him. Now Luca Carep shares a few tips for finding an athletic shoe manufacturer:




We can find an athletic shoe factory in china.

We can find a private label sneaker manufacturers in china. Why did we choose the Chinese athletic shoe factory? Because China is the largest market of sports shoes and most good quality factories are located there. In addition, there are many factors to consider when choosing an athletic shoe manufacturer. Still, one of the most important factors is where it’s made. For example, You can save money if you want your custom shoes made in China because labor costs are low there compared to other countries like Canada or America, where workers earn higher salaries and benefits such as health insurance; In addition, the shoes produced in this China tend to be of better quality because these factories have been established for a long time and have a lot of experience. As you know, many of Nike and Adidas’ shoe products are produced by Chinese factories. I have tried shoe factories in India and Vietnam before, but the results could have been better.


What is a good athletic shoe factory?

Finding a good sneaker manufacturer is a challenging task. There are many factors to be considered when choosing an excellent athletic shoe factory for production. There are three essential factors you need to consider:

Quality control measures
The right athletic shoe factory will have quality control measures that include: A strict inspection system for all aspects of the footwear, including materials and craft, and Assurance that the manufacturer has an adequate number of skilled workers.

Customer service
An excellent athletic shoe factory will have good service. They are always active and prompt in helping you solve problems; they are always available to communicate with you, even at night. Even if there is a problem, they are brave enough to take responsibility and help you find a solution to the problem quickly.

Cost-effectiveness and price point
Price, or cost, is essential because it is critical to our profits. Of course, we are not looking for the cheapest factory, because we also have to consider the quality of their products. So sometimes we can only push the factory a little. We need to find a balance point, a price that is acceptable to both you and the factory.



The ways to find an athletic shoe factory:


We can find an athletic shoe factory on Google.

If you want to find a good athletic shoe factory, you can use Google. How to use Google to find the right factory? Here is how:

Go to the Google search bar and type “athletic shoe factory” or “athletic shoe manufacturer.”You browse the first 3 pages of the search results and look carefully at the factories’ official websites. It would be best to see how they introduce their company (when it was established, how many employees they have, how big the factory is), what products they have, and which shoe companies they work with. Generally speaking, it is best to choose a factory that has been established for more than 20 years and has more than 100 employees.


We can find an athletic shoe factory at the shoe exhibition.

You can go to the shoe exhibition if you want to find a good athletic shoe factory. You will have a chance at the show to see and compare different companies products.

You can visit each booth at the show and look closely at the products they display. You must remember to take their catalogs and their business cards. You can have face-to-face communication with them. You can ask them which products sell better and at what price. After the show, you can also visit their factories.


We can find an athletic shoe factory at Alibaba.

You can find a sneaker supplier at Because they are all online factories, you can’t have face-to-face friendships with them, and you need to ask them some questions. You need to know the following information:

1, How much does each pair of shoe cost?

2, What kind of raw materials are used in athletic shoes?

3, What is the minimum order quantity?

4, How many days does it take to finish each pair of shoes?

5, What is the lead time for the production?

6, Can you visit the athletic shoe factory before placing an order?

7, What’s the payment term if I place a large order with this manufacturer?

8, Can they offer samples before mass production begins?

But many companies on Alibaba are trading companies, not factories.  And some big shoe factories did not show up on Alibaba. So I suggest that you can give up Alibaba.


We hope this article can help you find a good athletic shoe factory in China. And you also can find an answer when you see the video below:

YouTube video


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