How Did I Find A Good Sport Shoe Manufacturer? Tinla Conn’s Story


How Did I Find A Good Sport Shoe Manufacturer? Tinla Conn’s Story

Tinla Conn was always interested in fashion and footwear from a young age. Her love for shoes inspired her to start a sport shoe brand of her own. She founded her own shoe company in 2020 at the age of 28. As the only employee in her company, she took on the role of both the CEO and the sport shoe manufacturer worker, handcrafting each pair of shoes herself. In addition to this, Tinla also took care of the marketing and sales aspects of the business.

To grow her business, Tinla decided to take advantage of online retail and opened a Shopify website for her shoe brand . Her shoes were an immediate hit, and within a few months, she had to increase production to keep up with the rising demand.

Tinla realized that outsourcing the production of her shoes would be a more efficient way to grow her brand. She started to source manufacturers overseas to produce her shoes, and to her delight, the quality of the shoes was impeccable, and the cost of production was much lower than what it was when she was making the sport shoes herself.

After 2 years of hard work and determination, Tinla made her first significant milestone. Her company brought in its first $1600,000 in revenue.She was overjoyed and with her first significant revenue milestone behind her, Tinla began exploring new markets to expand her business.

It is not just a story , because Tinla is proof that with hard work, determination, and a never-give-up attitude, you can achieve your goals and even surpass them.

Why are you so successful? Tinla replied: My success is due to many factors. For example, there is a good sneaker supplier who makes shoes for me.So How to find a good sport shoe manufacturer to produce shoe for you?

Tinla Conn told her story step by step:




Do my research on sport shoe manufacturer

As I started my search for sneaker manufacturers, I realized that there was a vast potential market for sneakers, and I was eager to tap into it. That’s when I started researching and collecting information on the available shoe suppliers around the world. I combed through search engines like Google and Instagram, seeking out information on sport shoe manufacturers.

To my surprise, I unearthed numerous sneakers suppliers from different countries, including China, Vietnam, Italy, and India. However, I noted that Chinese suppliers had the best reputation for producing high-quality shoes. In addition, many big brand shoes were manufactured in China, and this influenced my decision when selecting my top ten suppliers.

I found that relying solely on online research wasn’t enough, so I began reading online forums to gain insights from other sneaker enthusiasts. I was pleased to see that the reviews and feedback matched up with my initial research. Finally, I narrowed down my list of potential suppliers to the top ten Chinese producers, and I listed them in a table for ease of comparison.

After having made up my mind, I began contacting these suppliers via email and social media to gather more information on their production capabilities, minimum order requirements, and pricing. The response was astounding, as I received replies from all ten suppliers within a few days. However, after careful analysis, I selected a shoe supplier based in Guangzhou.




Check the sport shoe company’s reputation

As I continued my search for a reliable sneaker manufacturer, my next step was to research the reputation of the manufacturer I had identified. I knew that it was crucial to work with a manufacturer with a proven track record of quality and timely delivery. I began by searching online to see if this sport shoe manufacturer had an official website.

In my experience, a company with an official website indicates that it has a certain level of legitimacy and strength. Through the official website, I could gather important information about the company, such as its history, services, and products, and this could help me decide whether the manufacturer met my requirements.

I was pleased to find that this sport shoe manufacturer had a well-designed and informative website. I spent some time browsing its “about us” page, and I learned that the company had been in the shoe design and production industry for more than 30 years. The fact that it had such a rich history meant that it had a wealth of experience and expertise in shoe design and production.

Moreover, I was impressed to discover that the manufacturer provided OEM and ODM services to more than ten internationally renowned brands. This showed that the company’s shoe quality had attained an international first-class level.

With all this information, I was nearly certain that I had found a good sneaker manufacturer. I had gathered enough details about the company to trust that it had the capacity to create high-quality sneakers according to my specifications.

In the sneaker industry, a company’s reputation is everything. I knew I could trust this footwear manufacturer based on its long history, quality products, and proven track record of successful partnerships with famous brands.

The information I gathered about the shoe company’s background, services, and reputation proved useful in making an informed decision.


Conduct sport shoe factory audit

I made it a point to personally visit their shoe factory In Guangzhou. It was important for me to validate their production capabilities and quality control processes before committing to a partnership.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by the team and given a tour of the factory. I was impressed by their state-of-the-art equipment and the modern production process they had in place. The factory had a large production capacity and was able to meet my requirement for high volume shoe production.

My main focus was on their quality control processes. It was essential for me to ensure that the shoes produced by the factory met the highest standards of quality. I was pleased to see that the factory had a robust quality control process in place. Their quality control team checked the raw materials, production process, and finished products thoroughly to ensure that they met the specifications and standards that I required.

This gave me confidence that the shoes produced by the factory would meet the expectations of my clients.

Overall, my visit to the factory was a success. The factory’s production capacity and quality control process met my requirements and gave me the confidence to proceed with a partnership. I am excited to do business with this factory and believe that it will be a valuable partnership for both of our businesses.


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Ask for a sport shoe sample

After visiting the footwear factory in Guangzhou, I was pleased with what I saw and decided to request a sport shoe sample. Despite some initial delays, I received the sample around two weeks after my return home. Upon examining the sample, I was generally satisfied with the quality, but I did have a few suggestions for modifications.

I contacted the factory with my feedback and was impressed by their responsiveness. They quickly replied to my message and assured me that they could make the necessary modifications to meet my specifications. This open communication and willingness to accommodate my needs gave me confidence in our partnership moving forward.

Overall, my experience with the shoe factory was positive. I was impressed with their production capacity and quality control, and their excellent communication and customer service made it easy to collaborate with them on modifications. I believe that this factory has the potential to provide high-quality shoes that meet the needs of my clients, and I look forward to continuing our partnership.

It’s worth noting that building strong relationships with suppliers is essential in any business, and good communication is key to ensuring that everyone is on the same page. This is especially true when working with overseas suppliers, where there may be language barriers or cultural differences to navigate.

Therefore, I am happy that this sneaker factory has demonstrated a commitment to quality and has made the effort to communicate clearly with me throughout the process.


Make the contact

After evaluating various options, I ultimately decided to partner with this  sport shoe manufacturer in China to produce shoes for my business. Signing a contract with them was an essential part of the process. The contract spelled out my requirements for the product, including specifications such as quality and delivery date.

Price was also an important factor in my decision-making process, and after comparing quotes from various manufacturers in other countries, I determined that this custom shoe manufacturer offered the most competitive pricing. I had also get the quotes from sport shoe factories in Italy and Turkey, but found the pricing was higher than what I wanted to pay.

What is more, not only did this running shoe manufacturer offer competitive pricing, but their production quality and delivery time were superior to many of the other factories I evaluated. I considered sneaker factories in Vietnam and India as well, but found the quality and delivery were not up to my standards.

Working with a reliable and high-quality factory is crucial for any business, especially when providing customers with products that are both fashionable and functional. After weighing the pros and cons and carefully analyzing my options, I am confident in my decision to partner with this Chinese shoe factory.Their professionalism, craftsmanship, and quality of work made them the clear choice for my business needs.

Are you ready to find a good shoe manufacturer? I’ll share with you how to quickly identify a good shoe supplier. Click here to know: 8 Tips to Quickly Identify a Good Shoe Supplier 





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