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Each Pair of shoes is like a haute couture

Founded in 1983, Hundred City Shoes is an international trading company that focuses on the design, development and production and sales of fashionable leather women’s shoes.
With the aim of designing fashionable and comfortable products and using superior quality, the company
After more than 30 years of unremitting efforts and persistent pursuit
Now we have a large and experienced R&D and design team and production team.
Gathered strong professional and technical personnel at home and abroad.
And gradually formed a set of perfect operation management mechanism.

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mescot is a designer original leather goods brand, founded in 1995, the brand was founded, adhering to the pursuit of “each pair of shoes are like haute couture” artisanal spirit covers, handbags and other leather goods categories, product production to retain the exquisite craftsmanship and semi-manufacturing, outstanding one.

Mescot to the Italian Renaissance culture as a fashion element, the design style is more modern and modern, innovative spirit and infectious, break the thinking pattern, become a young independent crowd standing fashion trendy products, shaping the image of fashion personality at the same time not blindly, to create a positive fashion attitude.

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